GPS data logger using Arduino Uno/Nano and Ublox Neo 6M

This guide will explain how to interface Arduino Uno, Nano, or any other board equipped with Atmel ATmega328p, to a Ublox Neo 6M GPS module. This module is available on Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and many other Internet stores, at a price starting from 10 Euro. Interfacing it to Arduino is pretty easy, since it has … Continue reading "GPS data logger using Arduino Uno/Nano and Ublox Neo 6M"

RaceRender3 and Fuelino Proto3 on Honda CBR125R

I created the following video, using RaceRender3 software, by merging: Video data, obtained from GoPro Hero Session 4. Engine data (rpm, fuel injection time, cutoff status, throttle) logged using a Fuelino Proto3 board. The CSV file is available at this link: 20161230_Fuelino_Proto3_logdata. The overlay data on the video is as following: Engine rotation speed (rpm), … Continue reading "RaceRender3 and Fuelino Proto3 on Honda CBR125R"

Arduino 101 has arrived

Yesterday I received at home my first Arduino 101 (Genuino 101). I bought it on Yahoo Auctions for just 2,000 Yen. The board has the same size of an Arduino Uno, Ethernet and similar. But, instead of an Atmel microcontroller, it uses the new Intel Curie architecture. The frequency increases from 16MHz to 32MHz. The … Continue reading "Arduino 101 has arrived"