New front drive sprocket XAM C3108-17T on Honda CBR125R

Today, I installed a new front drive sprocket on my Honda CBR125R. As you may already know from other articles on this blog, my Honda CBR125R has an Athena 166cc bore up kit installed. For this reason, compared to the original 125cc engine, the torque and power are higher. Recently I decided to register this … Continue reading "New front drive sprocket XAM C3108-17T on Honda CBR125R"

Akrapovic exhaust installation on Honda CBR125R

Some months ago I decided to remove the Akrapovic carbon racing exhaust from my Honda CBR125R, because I thought that the sound was a bit too loud (it did not have the "dB killer" baffle installed). Therefore, at first I mounted the original exhaust, the one visible in the picture below. However, after some months … Continue reading "Akrapovic exhaust installation on Honda CBR125R"

Brake fluid change on Honda CBR125R

Today, I changed the brake fluid of my Honda CBR125R. First of all, I changed the fluid on the front brake. To perform this maintenance, it is necessary to use a pipe, as shown in the picture. After turning the screw, and pressing the front brake continuously, the fluid flows in the pipe, to the … Continue reading "Brake fluid change on Honda CBR125R"

Oil change on a Honda CBR125R

Changing the oil of a Honda CBR125R is a very simple operation, it requires just few tools, a bit of time (10-15 minutes), and limited mechanical skills. Before performing this procedure, the engine (and so, the engine oil) should be hot enough, so that the oil viscosity is low and the oil can flow out … Continue reading "Oil change on a Honda CBR125R"

Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R

Today I changed the spark plug of my Honda CBR125R. The installation of a new spark plug was very simple, it took just 15 minutes. First of all, you need to remove the fairings on the right side of the motorcycle. There are just 3 screws that you need to remove, please refer to the … Continue reading "Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R"