Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R

Today I changed the spark plug of my Honda CBR125R. The installation of a new spark plug was very simple, it took just 15 minutes. First of all, you need to remove the fairings on the right side of the motorcycle. There are just 3 screws that you need to remove, please refer to the … Continue reading "Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R"

Installing Athena 166cc bore up kit on a Honda CBR125R

In November 2015, I decided to change the original piston and cylinder of my Honda CBR125R. There are some bore up kits on the market, at least two: one sold by Malossi, and one sold by Athena. Unfortunately, in Japan, the Malossi bore up kit is not available, so I chose the one sold by … Continue reading "Installing Athena 166cc bore up kit on a Honda CBR125R"

Akrapovic carbon racing exhaust sound check

Yesterday I took some videos to show how the sound will change after mounting an Akrapovic carbon racing exhaust on your Honda CBR125R motorcycle. First of all, let me list up the mods that I did on my bike: Akrapovic carbon racing exhaust system Modified air filters (Daytona 45mm + Kijima 12mm) Athena bore-up kit … Continue reading "Akrapovic carbon racing exhaust sound check"