Make your own Booster Plug for your Ducati

This article is for everyone who want to install a Booster Plug on their motorcycles, but don't have that 200 dollars to spend for it. You are definitely in the right place, because I created a guide which explains how to make your own Booster Plug at home, just by buying some components on Amazon and Aliexpress.

The guide is customized for any Ducati motorcycle, including Monster, Scrambler, and Superport, because all of them use the same Air Temperature Sensor, an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor manufactured by Magneti Marelli (code: ATS05), the Ducati part number is 55240121A.

Ducati air temperature sensorThe circuit to be implemented is shown in the following picture.

Booster Plug DIY 2 DucatiThe components you need to buy to implement the above circuit are:

  • Thermistors: I bought the following ones, 5 pieces, for 988 Yen (about 9 dollars). These thermistors with B=3950 and nominal resistance (@25℃) of 10kΩ are pretty common and cheap. You need to connect 3 of them in parallel. They already have a 1 meter long cable, so I did not need any additional cable. Putting 3 of these sensors will ensure an increase of injected fuel of 5% ~ 6% in the whole range of temperatures between -10℃ and 40℃. If you want to reduce it a bit, you can add another sensor (4 instead of 3), or simply put an additional constant 10kΩ resistor in parallel (you must buy it separately in an electronics store, it will cost few cents).
  • Connectors (female and male): you can buy cheap connectors on Aliexpress, for just 9 dollars (see the image above). You can search the following keywords: 12162193, 12162195, 12162215. The below connectors better fit the sensor side connector (fixing points on the side), but the above ones will already do their job, so the below ones are optional.

Booster Plug DIY 1If you want to download the full guide, please check at the following link: make_your_own_Booster_Plug_20181227

Author: Davide Cavaliere

I am an Italian Electrical Engineer graduated at Politecnico di Milano. My interests are motorcycles and cars, electronics, programming, Internet of Things, and Japanese culture.

6 thoughts on “Make your own Booster Plug for your Ducati”

  1. Ciao Davide, leggo con interesse i tuoi progetti. Il booster è replicabile su auto? PS puoi lasciare un contatto mail, vorrei discutere a tempo perso di una cosa riguardo fuelino. Ti ringrazio. Ciao

  2. Hello

    Really cool solution. Would like to try that out too. My bike runs pretty jerky.
    Unfortunatelly i have 2004 monster s4r that has combined pressure/temp sensor. I have no idea what are the characteristics of temp sensor there and do your suggested solution end up with right fuel ratio...

    Could you please help me where could i find this kind of information? Sensor seems to be this one:
    Four wires in connector, i assume 2 of them are for temp...

    And the main question, does it have expected/advertised (boosterplug) effect?

    Thank you in advance if you find time to respond.

  3. Hi!

    I am very interested in this. I have KTM Duke 125 2017 EU and boosterplug is very expensive considering its cost to manufacture. Does your instruction circuit work in my KTM if I my self measure and calculate resistances, ECU resistance and AIT resistance?

  4. Hi David, thanks for putting this info up here.
    I have a 2005 S4R with a 2 into 1 exhaust with the cat (udder) removed and a free flowing air filter and I would like to try and make one of these booster plugs like yours.
    I am no where near as knowledgeable as yourself with electronics and I cannot get the same thermistors as what you have but can get these ones
    here in New Zealand so could you please take a look at them and confirm they are effectively the same as the ones you have used please?

  5. Is it works for Honda for example? Most fuel injected engines principle is the same, air tempeture sensor is the easiest way to cheat on ecu. So I wondering or it could work on my honda...

  6. Hi, this is very interesting. I was just wondering would you get the same effect wiring two of the Magneti Marelli thermistors in series?

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