Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R

Today I changed the spark plug of my Honda CBR125R. The installation of a new spark plug was very simple, it took just 15 minutes. First of all, you need to remove the fairings on the right side of the motorcycle. There are just 3 screws that you need to remove, please refer to the … Continue reading "Spark plug change on Honda CBR125R"

Installing Athena 166cc bore up kit on a Honda CBR125R

In November 2015, I decided to change the original piston and cylinder of my Honda CBR125R. There are some bore up kits on the market, at least two: one sold by Malossi, and one sold by Athena. Unfortunately, in Japan, the Malossi bore up kit is not available, so I chose the one sold by … Continue reading "Installing Athena 166cc bore up kit on a Honda CBR125R"