GPS data logger using Arduino Uno/Nano and Ublox Neo 6M

This guide will explain how to interface Arduino Uno, Nano, or any other board equipped with Atmel ATmega328p, to a Ublox Neo 6M GPS module. This module is available on Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and many other Internet stores, at a price starting from 10 Euro. Interfacing it to Arduino is pretty easy, since it has … Continue reading "GPS data logger using Arduino Uno/Nano and Ublox Neo 6M"

ADC acquisition library for Fuelino (ATmega 328p)

In order to acquire the analog signals of Fuelino, which correspond to the analog inputs A0 - A7 of the Atmel ATmega328p microcontroller, I created a simple library which uses ADC interrupts. Since interrupts are used, the application is not locked when reading the analog input voltage. In other words, the ADC readings can be … Continue reading "ADC acquisition library for Fuelino (ATmega 328p)"

Fuelino software 1.0 beta1 available

Today, I am happy to say that the first software release for Fuelino is available on GitHub, at the following link: This is the first version available to everyone, I called it SW 1.0 beta1. I debugged it a lot on my PC, using a simulation environment (Pico DrDaq signal generator and oscilloscope), but … Continue reading "Fuelino software 1.0 beta1 available"

SWseriale software serial library for Arduino

Recently, for my experiments, I am using an Arduino Nano 3.0 which I bought on Amazon Japan for a cheap price (300 Yen or so). One of the first things that I noticed is that this Arduino, equipped with Atmel ATmega328P microcontroller, unfortunately has only 1 hardware serial port available. For this reason, I decided … Continue reading "SWseriale software serial library for Arduino"