Fuelino software 1.0 beta1 available

Today, I am happy to say that the first software release for Fuelino is available on GitHub, at the following link:


This is the first version available to everyone, I called it SW 1.0 beta1. I debugged it a lot on my PC, using a simulation environment (Pico DrDaq signal generator and oscilloscope), but it is still possible that some small bugs are present.

The project, on GitHub, includes the complete source code, and also the drivers for Arduino Nano clone, which is equipped with a CH340/CH341 USB to serial converter IC. You can also download the drivers here: Fuelino Drivers CH340. And the software is available also here, on my blog: Fuelino SW 1.0 beta1.

The software manual, which explains how to calibrate the Fuelino fuel injection maps using your PC, write EEPROM memory, and read measurement data in real time, will be available in some days. I am also creating a tool, using Visual Studio 2013, which allows you to communicate with Fuelino in a very intuitive way, instead of having to send manually Serial commands using command line (Arduino IDE Serial Monitor, or Real Term), in order to speed up the calibration and data logging activity.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact me at: dadez87(at)gmail.com.

Author: Davide Cavaliere

I am an Italian Electrical Engineer graduated at Politecnico di Milano. My interests are motorcycles and cars, electronics, programming, Internet of Things, and Japanese culture.

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