How to read, log, and visualize GPS data using Arduino

In the previous article, I explained how to use your Arduino to read GPS data from a u-blox 6 GPS, and visualize it on the PC using serial communication. In this article, I will show you how to log the GPS data on an SD card, inside Arduino Ethernet, and then export it to your … Continue reading "How to read, log, and visualize GPS data using Arduino"

ECU Software V1 Service Commands

When using software SW1 (efi_davide_20160131_v1), it is possible to request information to the ECU in real time, using the serial communication provided by the Arduino Micro Serial1 port. SW1 supports 8 bytes ASCII format commands (from PC, service tool, or logger), and they are interpreted by the following function, which is called every time 8 … Continue reading "ECU Software V1 Service Commands"