Explanation about Fuelino software structure

This article explains the structure of Fuelino software. The software source code, which is available on GitHub at this link, is composed by many "cpp" and "h" C++ language files divided into sub-folders. In order to understand the software behavior, it is necessary to have a look at the "ino" file, which is the Arduino … Continue reading "Explanation about Fuelino software structure"

Fuelino Proto3 first test on motorcycle Honda CBR125R

I waited for this moment for a long time. After designing, manufacturing, soldering and mounting the Fuelino Proto3 board, today I finally tested on my motorcycle (Honda CBR125R). At first, let me introduce this board very quickly. Fuelino project was born just 3 months ago. I was trying to design a piggyback ECU, which can … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 first test on motorcycle Honda CBR125R"

How to read, log, and visualize GPS data using Arduino

In the previous article, I explained how to use your Arduino to read GPS data from a u-blox 6 GPS, and visualize it on the PC using serial communication. In this article, I will show you how to log the GPS data on an SD card, inside Arduino Ethernet, and then export it to your … Continue reading "How to read, log, and visualize GPS data using Arduino"