Windows Forms Application and CSV files

In this guide I will show you how to import and visualize a CSV Excel table using "Microsoft Windows Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop". The application is very simple and it has been created using Windows Forms Application. Source code can be downloaded here: datalogger_20160623. I created this application since I had CSV file, … Continue reading "Windows Forms Application and CSV files"

Example of data logged on the motorcycle

Some days ago I went to work by motorcycle, and I tested the data logger with the latest software. After exporting the data from Arduino 101 SD card to the PC, I converted it to a CSV file and uploaded on Google Drive using the Google Fusion Tables application. The following is the result. The … Continue reading "Example of data logged on the motorcycle"

Calculating Tait Bryan angles by acceleration and gyroscope sensors signal fusion

This article has the purpose of showing how it is possible to calculate Tait Bryan angles (yaw, pitch, roll) by fusing the data coming from multiple sensors (3-axis acceleration sensor and 3-axis gyroscope sensor). First of all, let's see which axis are used to evaluate the rotation angles. Please notice that axis and angles sign … Continue reading "Calculating Tait Bryan angles by acceleration and gyroscope sensors signal fusion"

Analyzing logged data with Google Fusion Tables

Here is an example which explains how to analyzed the data logged when riding the motorcycle. First of all, the raw binary data, which is saved on the SD card, must be converted into an easily manageable Excel file. This step is performed by a tool which I created using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013. … Continue reading "Analyzing logged data with Google Fusion Tables"