Fuelino proto1 schematic and board

Few months ago I decided to start with this project: Fuelino. I was looking for a customized ECU (Engine Control Unit) piggyback with the purpose of adapting my motorcycle (Honda CBR125R) to the custom parts which I installed on it (Athena 166cc bore up kit, conic air filter, Akrapovic racing exhaust system, and so on). … Continue reading "Fuelino proto1 schematic and board"

Digispark, the smallest and cheapest Arduino ever

Yesterday I received the Digispark "Arduino" board which I bought on Amazon Japan, from China. The price was just 200 Yen, which something very cheap, just 1.5 Euro. The board is equipped with an Atmel ATtiny85 microcontroller, which has an internal oscillator running at 16.5Mhz. The memory is very limited, just 8 kBytes (which are … Continue reading "Digispark, the smallest and cheapest Arduino ever"