Fuelino Proto3 PCB schematics and board diagram

In the last article, I shared with you the pictures of the new Fuelino Proto3 PCB boards which I received from FirstPCB. Today, I share with you the electrical schematic, and also the board layout, as PDF files. Both files have been created using a free version of Eagle, which is a tool to design … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 PCB schematics and board diagram"

Fuelino Proto3 development with Eagle

In the last few days, I was busy with Eagle, trying to design the PCB of the new Fuelino Proto3. Compared to the previous Proto2, this new prototype has the following changes: Fixed some problems about the position of the LEDs. Since there is not much space left on the board, I decided to remove … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 development with Eagle"

Fuelino proto1 schematic and board

Few months ago I decided to start with this project: Fuelino. I was looking for a customized ECU (Engine Control Unit) piggyback with the purpose of adapting my motorcycle (Honda CBR125R) to the custom parts which I installed on it (Athena 166cc bore up kit, conic air filter, Akrapovic racing exhaust system, and so on). … Continue reading "Fuelino proto1 schematic and board"