Selling Akrapovic racing exhaust for Honda CBR125R

I sell my Akrapovic racing exhaust for Honda CBR125R (MY 2011 ~ ). I bought this exhaust in July 2015, and removed last week, in December 2016. I run about 2000km. The following picture is how it looked on my motorcycle.

As you can see in the pictures below, it looks pretty good. No big scratches on it, just a little bit of rust on the pipes welding joints (I always properly protected the motorcycle from rain, water and so on).

The additional components (nuts, bolts, washers, springs) included in the original package (Akrapovic_CBR125R_components) are all available.

There is just a very small scratch on the left side of the "Akrapovic" logo, as visible in the picture below. I think I got it when parking the motorcycle, for sure not during a crash or falling down.

As you can see below, there is a just a little bit of rust on the pipe, on the welding joint, as seen below.

The following is the back side of the silencer, not visible when the exhaust is mounted on the motorcycle. "Pat. No. US D550, 134 S" is written.

Below, I summarize some useful files (more info on the official Akrapovic website):

I was really satisfied by this exhaust pipe. The sound is very good, lots of low frequencies. By removing the "db killer", the sound was even better, but quite loud in my opinion. Together with the Athena 166cc bore up kit, the performances were quite good. However, this is a racing exhaust, and not allowed on public roads. The following is a video which I took on my motorcycle. Check it out!

I sell it for 300 dollars (or 30,000 Yen, or 250 Euro), which is roughly half price compared to a new one. The price cannot be negotiated. It is already cheap enough considered that it is in very good conditions, and I am not in a hurry to sell it. The exhaust is now located in Japan, but I can ship it worldwide (shipment cost is on your side).

If you are interested, please contact me at: dadez87-at-gmail-com, telling me your Country, address and telephone number, and I can estimate the shipping cost. Once I get the payment via Paypal, I will send you the exhaust pipe to you.

Author: Davide Cavaliere

I am an Italian Electrical Engineer graduated at Politecnico di Milano. My interests are motorcycles and cars, electronics, programming, Internet of Things, and Japanese culture.

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