Fuelino Proto3 mounting instructions

This guide will show how to mount a complete Fuelino board. In order to mount, at home, the Fuelino Proto3, the following components are needed. A soldering station is required to solder the components. For the complete list, please check the BOM (fuelino_proto3_bom). Schematics and board layout are available here: fuelino_p3_schematic and fuelino_p3_board. First of … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 mounting instructions"

Fuelino Proto3 first assembly

This morning, before going to work, I finally had some time to assemble the first Fuelino Proto3 board. Since this board is only for testing purpose, in order to save some time I did not mount filter capacitors, I mounted a cheap electrolytic capacitor that I had quickly available, and put some cheap 12V Zener … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 first assembly"