Fuelino Proto2 presentation

A presentation about Fuelino Proto2 is available here: Fuelino Proto2 Presentation.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 1The slides above and below show the external connections pin-out of Fuelino Proto2.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 2The board is capable to control 2 fuel injectors, through 2 FKI10531 MOSFETs. When closing the injectors, the voltage is clamped using 2 networks made by 4x 12V Zener diodes in series (one network for each injector). Input signals are acquired using LM358N (2x analog signals, 0-5V) and LM339N (4x digital signals) operational amplifiers.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 3The board has 1x UART connection, which is handled by software using SWseriale library, available on GitHub. This port can be used to communicate, for example, with a GPS module (such as Ublox Neo 6M or similar) at 9600 baud, or a Bluetooth module.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 4In addition, 1x SPI communication port can be used, for example, to log data on a Micro SD Card, using a cheap Catalex adapter.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 5Fuelino also supports I2C (TWI) communication protocol. There is 1x I2C port, which can be used to interface Fuelino with an I2C compatible IMU sensor (MPU-6050 or similar) or an LCD Display.

Fuelino Proto2 Presentation Slide 6

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