Kawasaki Ninja 250R test ride review

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2

Today I write my impressions after riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250R (カワサキ ニンジャ 250R). I had the pleasure to ride this motorcycle for about 6 hours in total, and I run about 250 km, in many driving conditions: city, highway and mountain.

The following picture shows the motorcycle. I think that the design of this 250cc Ninja is pretty good. At least, it looks better than my Honda CBR125R. On the motorcycle, you can see my helmet: a Shoei Cavallino. I mounted a GoPro Hero4 Session on it.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 1According to the Kawasaki official website (Japanese), this motorcycle has the following specs:

  • Model name: JBK-EX250L (Ninja 250)
  • Engine: 248cc 4-stroke 2 cylinders inline DOHC4 valve
  • Max power: 31 hp @11000rpm
  • Max torque: 21 Nm @8500rpm
  • Weight: 172 kg

In my opinion the engine of this Kawasaki Ninja is pretty good. I think that its 31 hp are more than enough to have fun, also considering the limited weight (just 172 kg). The engine response is very smooth, due to the electronic fuel injection. When opening the gas, the engine is incredibly responsive, and there is no torque gap when the engine revs up. However, the torque felt "at the tires" is very limited below 8000 rpm especially with high gears, and I started feeling the "real" torque only after 9000 rpm (which means after about 110 km/h when in 6th gear), up to 11000 rpm.

Below, I made a "sound check" video. Don't worry, the engine was already warmed up enough before I revved it up to 10000 rpm. Regarding the sound, honestly I don't like so much the sound of these engines with 2 cylinders in-line, but of course it is a matter of taste.

I tested this motorcycle at Hakone Turn Pike, and around Yugawara. In particular, the following place is one of my favorite: Mazda Sky Lounge Hakone Turn Pike (マツダスカイラウンジ、箱根ターンパイク).

Mazda Sky Lounge Turn Pike HakoneThe following video has been taken on the road called "Turn Pike Hakone". This road connects Odawara to the Mazda Sky Lounge.

And the following video has been taken on the "Tsubaki Line", which connects the Mazda Sky Lounge to the town of Yugawara.

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