Fuelino calibration and data visualization

In order to communicate with Fuelino fuel injection module in a simple way, I created a software tool using Visual Studio. The tool can be downloaded here, together with the Open Source code (C#): fuelino_tool_beta1_20161108. The tool, which is compatible with Windows (I use Windows 10), communicates with Fuelino module using Serial communication (through USB … Continue reading "Fuelino calibration and data visualization"

How Atmel Studio converts C language code into Assembly

This article has the purpose to explain how Atmel Studio converts C/C++ language software into Assembly code, and then into a HEX file. In a previous article, I already explained how to compile a simple C program using Atmel Studio, and flash it on an Arduino Nano equipped with Atmel ATmega328p microcontroller. The "Hello World" … Continue reading "How Atmel Studio converts C language code into Assembly"