Fuelino Proto3 Bill of Material

Unfortunately this weekend I am sick and I cannot go out with my motorcycle (Honda CBR125R), so I decided to spend some time and write the BOM (Bill of Material) for Fuelino Proto3. For the material, I chose 2 cheap suppliers: Akizukidenshi, for electronic components. This is a shop located in Akihabara (秋葉原), inside Tokyo. … Continue reading "Fuelino Proto3 Bill of Material"

Connecting an I2C LCD display to Arduino 101

In this article, I will show you how to connect a LCD display to Arduino 101. In my case, the display is an AQM0802A-RN-GBW (I2C接続小型キャラクタLCDモジュール 8x2行), which I bought at Akizukidenshi, in Akihabara, for 600 Yen (4 Euro). The display controller is Sitronix ST7032 (datasheet can be downloaded here: Sitronix ST7032 Datasheet), and the display has … Continue reading "Connecting an I2C LCD display to Arduino 101"