Fuelino testing on the desk

Before installing the Fuelino EFI (electronic fuel injection) management controller on my motorcycle, a Honda CBR125R, I performed some tests "on the desk", in order to make sure that the unit was working properly. The following video shows a test performed using: Pico DrDaq as a signal generator, to simulate the injector command signal coming … Continue reading "Fuelino testing on the desk"

Fuelino system layout and connection pins

The picture below shows the system layout of Fuelino "proto1". In its most simple configuration, Fuelino requires only 4 pins connections: Battery voltage (12V). Positive pole of the injector. Ground (0V). Vehicle chassis metallic frame. Injector command from original ECU. The original ECU has a transistor which controls the status of this pin: when the … Continue reading "Fuelino system layout and connection pins"

An introduction to Fuelino project

Today I have the pleasure to show you my latest project: Fuelino. The name comes from "Fuel" and "Arduino". The unit is a fuel controller for single cylinder engines, and it is addressed especially to small engine motorcycles and scooter (less than 250cc). The unit gives you the opportunity to modify the fuel injection control, … Continue reading "An introduction to Fuelino project"